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Commercial Interior Design Service RED Design (2)
Commercial Interior Design Service RED Design

Commercial Interior Design

RED Design crafts commercial interiors that fuse functionality with aesthetics, tailored to align with each business's brand and goals, across diverse sectors.

We are committed to a team oriented, collaborative and inclusive approach.

Facilities Management

Our Facility Management service offers comprehensive solutions in project administration and facilities oversight, ensuring efficiency and sustainability within budget and timelines.

Facility Management Interior Design R
Facility Management Interior Design R (2)
yvr sculpture by red design vancouver side view
yvr sculpture by red design vancouver

Public Art & Graphics

RED Design partners with artists to bring their sketches to life, transforming them into polished drawings ready for fabrication.

We specialize in creating unique custom graphics, collaborating closely with manufacturers to produce high-quality images that stand out

Office & Workplace

At Red Design, we’re passionate about crafting new spaces or revitalizing existing work environments. Our approach combines uniqueness with functionality, ensuring each project aligns with our clients’ specific needs. With a wealth of experience in Tenant Improvements (TI) projects, we consistently deliver exceptional results.

VCC Commercial Interior Design by RED Design Spa Room Bars Vancouver
VCC Commercial Interior Design by RED Design Flower Wallpaper

Health & Wellness

Invisible design is our powerful approach that seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics, creating projects that enhance user experiences without drawing undue attention. Our expertise extends beyond healthcare—whether it’s gyms, spas, or washroom facilities, we create spaces that inspire and uplift. 

Here’s how we apply it to healthcare and clinic spaces:

User-Centered Approach: Our designs prioritize the needs of patients, staff, and visitors. We ensure accessibility for everyone, considering mobility, visibility, and comfort.
Efficient Flow: Invisible design optimizes layouts, minimizing clutter and maximizing efficiency. Whether it’s a waiting area, examination room, or administrative space, we create intuitive pathways.
Discreet Storage: We incorporate hidden storage solutions. Cabinets, shelves, and equipment are seamlessly integrated, maintaining a clean and organized environment.
Lighting Magic: Thoughtful lighting design enhances well-being. We use concealed fixtures, indirect lighting, and natural light to create a soothing ambiance.
Privacy and Tranquility: Invisible partitions, soundproofing, and acoustical treatments ensure privacy and reduce noise. Patients feel at ease in serene, distraction-free spaces.
Materials and Finishes: We select materials that blend harmoniously. From antimicrobial surfaces to calming colors, our choices contribute to a healing atmosphere.

Educational Facilities

Drawing from our extensive experience in Post Secondary and Trade Training facilities, we seamlessly blend environmental consciousness and innovative design expertise with our clients’ visions. The result? Inspirational, optimized spaces that thrive in high-use environments.

BCGEU Langley Staircase by RED Design

What we do

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